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WA CEOs working together to
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We are a CEO-led organisation of men and women dedicated to individually and collectively advancing the vision of CEOs for Gender Equity.


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Success Stories!


To boost women's workforce participation, lift productivity and increase economic growth by sustainably improving gender equity in jobs and pay enterprises throughout Western Australia.


Women earn less and are under represented in leadership and management roles more so in WA than anywhere else in Australia.


Women are staying at school longer, graduating in higher numbers than men and influencing 80% of all consumer spending. There is a leadership and economic case to make based on these market drivers.


WA CEOs working to inspire and influence other CEOs to get #genderontheagenda by sharing what works and doesn't work, and together campaigning initiatives to turn the dial in WA.




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CEOs for Gender Equity's latest articles
Women's work

A typical carer earns no more than $40 000 per annum, is a woman over 40, possibly single as a result of separation or divorce, has children and ageing parents.

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Recruiting for diversity?

This morning Sandra De Kock, General Manager, People and Culture at Perth Airport shared her lessons about designing jobs that are inclusive of men and women.

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This time it starts with the numbers

Mike Anghie, CEO for Gender Equity and Managing Partner Perth at EY generously hosted our bi-annual CEO Summit.

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A-ha moments don't discriminate

Whilst I am always learning, this week I was also grateful for my own “a-ha”, “penny-drop moment”. In fact I had more than one …

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The new voice in gender equity – WA CEOs

There’s a new voice in gender equity and it’s beginning to gain momentum.

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Quotas to get women on board no simple fix

More women on boards does not necessarily translate to more females in an industry.

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