CEOs for Gender Equity

Our vision is to boost women's workforce participation, lift productivity and increase economic growth by sustainably improving gender equity in jobs and pay.

CEO Roundtables

Unique, intimate and in-depth conversations hosted and convened by a CGE CEO each month to inspire and influence commitment with other CEOs who are not members of CEOs for Gender Equity. 

Our thanks to the Equal Opportunity Commissioner Dr John Byrne for hosting our latest roundtable on the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace with special guest Sexual Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins.

CEO Summits

CEOs for Gender Equity convenes CEO Summits biannually. Our members make collective commitments to 'turning the dial' in Western Australia. Take a look at one of our previous Summits in action. 

Our most recent CEO Summit was proudly hosted by LiveHire. Get involved and become a CEO for Gender Equity to join our next Summit.

Our Services

We work with CEOs, heads of, state managers and managing directors to inspire workplace cultural shifts that start from the top down. Our services are tailored to suit one on one coaching and development, small groups of executive leadership teams and middle managers and larger groups including townhalls.  

Strategic Conversations

A series of conversations around gender balance that strategically reframe gender equity as a critical business issue. We focus on how to leverage  100% of the talent pool, tap into new and potential markets, align your systems and processes for gender balance to boost your bottom line.

Engagement Workshops

These workshops are designed to start the conversation wherever your organisation is at, whether it is at the beginning of the journey or well on your way. We engage the majority of the workforce to accelerate organisational commitment to gender equity.

Critical Conversations

Our new 1-on-1 coaching conversations have been created with the purpose to deeply engage managers as leaders to implement organisational and cultural change that supports gender equity to achieve gender balance.

Free Lunch & Learns

Interactive, engaging presentations aimed to learn more about your organisation and share who we are, what we do and how we reframe gender equity for better business outcomes. Sign up to start the conversation.

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