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Minister Katy Gallagher to Attend Pioneering Return-to-Work Event Connecting Parents with Employers

CGE Deep Dive - Family and Domestic Violence

Our Deep Dive sessions are the forum for gender equity leads from our member organisation's to delve into the nitty gritty of solutions in line with the CEO summit theme.

This time, it was Family and Domestic Violence.

Over 2 hours we learned, shared, and collaborated on effective ways organisations can support the prevention and response to FDV.

Here’s a sneak peak into what’s working:

🎙 Employee FDV training including hearing lived experience stories

📑 Safety plans e.g. receptionist briefed not to put certain calls through

📣 FDV information and resources promoted through various channels (Teams, Intranet, team meetings etc)

🆓 Free on-site psychologist support

💬 FDV contact officers who share their own story

⚖️ Free legal assistance

Want to find out more? Join our progressive group of member organisations who see no competition in gender equity.

Contact our CEO Ashley McGrath at

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