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Minister Katy Gallagher to Attend Pioneering Return-to-Work Event Connecting Parents with Employers


We proudly co-hosted a collaborative event for gender equity leads alongside WORK180 and IGO Ltd.

The event brought together a vibrant community of DEI professionals from diverse industries, all driven by a shared purpose of finding effective gender equity solutions.

The keynote speakers, Ashley McGrath, our Executive Officer, Chrissy Wakelin, Global Senior Client Lead at WORK180, and Sam Retallack, Chief People Officer at IGO Ltd, centered their presentations on best practice in the Top 3 areas in demand by employees according to WORK180's latest survey: flexible working arrangements, shared caring responsibilities, and career development opportunities.

The workshop served as an exceptional platform to connect CEOs for Gender Equity and WORK180 members and to exchange invaluable insights and initiatives in DEI best practices. Key discussion themes and ideas included:

👩‍💼 Gender equity needs to be championed from the CEO

💰 Allocate individual L&D budgets and promote/encourage use

🗺️ Provide clear road maps for career development

🤰 Implement IVF and Fertility treatment leave

👪 Provide coaching to parents pre and post parental leave

🎯 Set goals to improve gender balance in succession planning

🌸 Become a certified Menopause Friendly Australia accredited organisation

💼 Pay full-time superannuation contributions to parents returning to work part-time

📣 Advertise all roles as full-time/part-time/job share

🎓 Invest in graduate and vacation programs

💬 Don't just create policies - communicate and inspire engagement in them

By becoming a valued member of CEOs for Gender Equity your organisation gains exclusive access to transformative and collaborative events such as this one. These events offer unparalleled opportunities for your organisation and its people to engage with industry peers, driving innovation and enabling the exploration of impactful solutions to address gender equity issues.

Thank you to IGO Ltd, and their team for hosting this event and to all the gender equity leads who attended!

Contact Ashley McGrath to ensure you don’t miss out on the next collaborative workshop in November

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